Web Design

Here’s my portfolio of web design work.

With each website you get:

  • Customized Layout & Design

    Not a copy and paste cookie cutter website. I customize and tailor each website based on your personality, your likes, and your needs.

  • Content Creation

    Perhaps you have a logo that needs editing or some images that need to be customized to make your site pop. Look no further!

  • Web Hosting

    All the files that make your website need to be housed or hosted somewhere on the internet. Your domain name tells someone how to get to your website - the place where all the things that make your website yours, is housed.

  • Custom Email Address (only with hosting)

    Have your own customized email address attached to your domain name. No need to use Gmail or iCloud when you can have your own! YourName@YourWebsite.com.

Created for artist, performer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Tamika Law in April 2019.

Click here to explore IamTamikaLaw.com

Created for Cleveland photographer an influencer, Damion Maxwell, March 2021.

Click here to explore LifeScapesPhotography.com

Created for the certified auto mechanic, technician, and automotive technology experts at Brake Time, LTD.

Click here to explore ItsBrakeTime.com

Created for my wife and resident career coach expert, Christine Hairston, September 2020.

Click here to explore ChristineHairston.com

Created for the Cleveland Selfie Studio, an interactive, themed selfie museum, in March 2021

Click here to explore ClevelandSelfieStudio.com

Created for the charitable, non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio, in August 2019.

Click here to explore UnitedtoBless.org

More of my work. . .

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